What to Wear to a Festival

If there’s a festival in your calendar, it’s time to pack a capsule wardrobe that’s practical, fashionable and sparkling with boho chic.

Consider the weather

When you’re deciding what to wear to a festival – wherever in the world that festival is – you need to consider the weather. Are you off to a hot spot where the sun is guaranteed to shine? Or could you be caught in constant downpours?

Research typical weather conditions and average seasonal temperatures so you know what kind of outfits you’re likely to need: the contents of a rucksack for Reading festival will be very different to a suitcase for Benicassim.

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Layer up

Whatever the weather, layers are a good choice for your festival looks. Layering offers versatility and helps you move seamlessly from day-to-night – handy if your tent or tipi is miles away from the main stage.

Light layers work best as they’re easier to carry each day in a backpack: think shrugs, shirts, parka jackets, layered tees and vest tops.

Be bold

Festival fashion is all about standing out and having fun: you can wear brighter prints and bolder colours than you might at home.

The advantage of this styling M.O. is that you can wear casual festival outfits and still look bright, funky and totally dressed up. Try a neon t-shirt with cut off shorts, a glitter vest with a maxi skirt, or the brightest Hawaiian shirt with clashing cargo trousers. And an eye-popping mac is a must.

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The shoes to choose

Footwear needs to be practical when you’re living (and partying) in a field – but this can add a classic festival twist to your boho festival outfits.

Team a pair of Dr. Martens with a pretty floral dress and you’re mosh-pit ready; cowboy boots and a playsuit are all kinds of cool; a pair of statement trainers will put the pizzazz into any festival look – and you can always wash them when you get home.

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Luxury at home

There’s nothing quite like your kit bag after a long festival weekend…but why not luxuriate back at home by using a laundry service to sort out your sweaty/muddy/beer-soaked clothes?

Wash Press will collect your festival washing and deliver it back to your door. All you need to do is separate the machine washable garments from items that need to be cleaned according to the care label – then you can concentrate on the pressing matter of your post-festival playlist.


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